Former Chicago detective Nathan Pearson just wants to move on with his life and leave the police life behind him. But with serial killer Mona Pruitt, also his ex-girlfriend, being locked up in a mental hospital for painting a portrait of a dead male at the center of Millennium Park, is going to force him back into the life he swore he left behind. When FBI agent Melissa Thornton shows up at his home to recruit him, he’s going to have to fight his distaste for law enforcement and saving lives.

Soon Nathan finds himself on someone’s hit list. But he’s not the only target. Mona is too, and Nathan quickly learns nothing is as it seems. One thing is clear: Nathan has to visit Mona, she is still obsessed with him, and she may be the only one who truly knows what is going on. Now, as the death toll starts to rise and time running out, somebody close to Nathan or Mona is on the line, Nathan knows his only chance is to keep visiting Mona. But Mona will prove how horrifying and unpredictable she can be while locked up.



When conventional methods fail and standard protocol is inappropriate, one agent sometimes takes a different approach… Nathan Pearson has been given valuable Intel on the whereabouts of notorious serial killer Mona Pruitt: He has to prove himself to another vicious serial killer. But when the mission takes an unexpected turn, Nathan soon learns of two new serial killers who will stop at nothing to bring down Mona Pruitt.

FBI director Brent Mitchell has officially made Nathan one of his agents. But someone out there will resort to extreme measures to make sure Brent Mitchell does not stay in power. But no one counted on Nathan Pearson’s return… or how far he will go to bring everyone to justice.

With three serial killers on the loose, this only causes more death, more blood, more twists, and more surprises. The end result is devastating and no one is safe.



Mona Pruitt has been given the death sentence. While she’s living her final days in prison, she’s determined to take care of unfinished business and make sure all loose ends are tied up. The news of her being on death row only triggers off new serial killers. Most shocking of all, Nathan Pearson might be one of them.

Nathan knows he cannot do better than Mona. After visiting her for the past year their obsession with each other only grows to unimaginable levels. As her days become limited, Nathan receives a mysterious phone call from someone who is determined to see Mona. While being faced with impossible choices, Nathan has to make the ultimate decision—let Mona die or do what he can to save her and thousands of other innocent lives. One thing is certain: No matter what choice Nathan makes, it will change everything and Nathan will never be the same.



Serial killer Clara Parsons is a writer. A storyteller. After murdering twenty-seven literary agents for rejecting her book, she knew it was time to bring her story to life. But her latest round of editing her novel ends in a horrifying way: two men are murdered to match her story. Composed by her own capacity for violence, Clara has picked out who her main character will be: a former FBI agent who was just recently released from a mental hospital… Nathan Pearson.

Something ominous is developing in Chicago—people are playing a role in Clara’s story in order to force Nathan to give himself up to her. Refusing to play a role in her story, Nathan will do what he does best to find Clara before she kills again.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s new girlfriend Grace Kelly has to visit her ex-husband who was just released from prison for killing twenty-seven literary agents. He claims he was set up but evidence suggests he was behind it. Grace knew it all along: he was guilty of the murders. But after visiting him again she has begun to wonder: was he really involved with Clara and those murders? Or is it like he said… he was set up. But by who?