New serial killer. New motive. New obsession.

Serial killer Clara Parsons is a writer. A storyteller. After murdering twenty-seven literary agents for rejecting her book, she knew it was time to bring her story to life. But her latest round of editing her novel ends in a horrifying way: two men are murdered to match her story. Composed by her own capacity for violence, Clara has picked out who her main character will be: a former FBI agent who was just recently released from a mental hospital… Nathan Pearson.

Something ominous is developing in Chicago—people are playing a role in Clara’s story in order to force Nathan to give himself up to her. Refusing to play a role in her story, Nathan will do what he does best to find Clara before she kills again.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s new girlfriend Grace Kelly has to visit her ex-husband who was just released from prison for killing twenty-seven literary agents. He claims he was set up but evidence suggests he was behind it. Grace knew it all along: he was guilty of the murders. But after visiting him again she has begun to wonder: was he really involved with Clara and those murders? Or is it like he said… he was set up. But by who?



Nathan Pearson defines emotional scars – a former Chicago detective who is against becoming an FBI agent and used to date a psychotic serial killer, an art teacher fixated on painting portraits of her victims. But when new murders make a connection between him and Mona, he will be forced to go visit her at the mental hospital for information.

With Mona committed to a mental hospital, a mysterious group are striking back at her and Nathan. Though Mona claims she knows nothing about it, the murders are committed in a similar fashion as hers.

But every time there is another murder, a threatening note is left specifically for Mona—and Nathan begins to wonder why he has been named in all of this. Nathan will do whatever is necessary to get the information he needs from Mona—or wait until the mysterious group catches up to him and Mona. One thing is clear: Mona’s obsession with art goes far deeper than anyone knows. This all leads to a twisted and shocking turn of events that will make Mona Pruitt the next deadly famous artist.